A Space for Success

CoWork Bristol was created to give entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofit organizations a state-of-the-art facility and professional support to work, learn, collaborate, and grow. Our facility combines the latest technology with comfortable furnishings and numerous amenities to provide a flexible and effective work environment. Designed to offer multiple types of workspaces to accommodate a diverse range of business needs, CoWork Bristol gives its members the ability to utilize meeting rooms, private offices, collaboration spaces, and open workspaces, all for less than the cost of one small traditional office.

What makes CoWork Bristol even more unique is the access that it provides to professional services for the most common needs that businesses and organizations encounter. Located in the same building as the Bristol offices of the Summit Companies and Higher Ground Technologies, CoWork Bristol members benefit from having Marketing, IT, Accounting, HR, Insurance, and Management Consulting professionals under the same roof and happy to schedule a consultation to see how they can meet your needs.

Who, what, why?!

Who could benefit from a membership?

Professionals who work from home

Salespeople who meet clients in Bristol

Businesses trying to establish a foothold in the Bristol market

Organizations who have outgrown their current office

Professionals who are looking to connect with other professionals

Entrepreneurs who need easy access to professional resources

Why should you sign up for a membership?

Memberships start at less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day, and unlimited coffee is included

Access to over 10,000 square feet of space, for as little as $100 per month

Ability to have first-class resources at your disposal without investing in expensive equipment

Give your organization the best possible professional image for clients and prospects

Benefits of CoWorking Spaces

71% of workers report boosts in creativity from joining coworking spaces

70% of workers report feeling healthier in coworking spaces than traditional offices

90% of coworkers report increases in self-confidence

Majority of coworkers say that their standard of work had raised since joining cowork space

Coworking spaces offer additional flexibility and networking opportunities and are more affordable than traditional offices

Assembly Rooms

$250 full day | $150 half day

01 Ascent

Large TVs with Novopro

16’ conference table

Enterprise-level HD Video Conferencing and Recording

Intelligent Audio Teleconferencing

02 Expedition

Mobile tables for customizable layouts

30-40-person capacity

Projectors with Novopro

Enterprise-level HD Video Conferencing and Recording

03 Basecamp

Large TV with Novopro

16 leather, portable chairs

Conference speaker phone

Dry-erase walls

Meeting Rooms

$150 full day | $90 half day

04 Overlook

65” TV with SmartCast technology

Widescreen HD Webcam

Conference speaker phone

10’ conference table

05 Alpine

Portable projector

7’ conference table

Conference speaker phone

06 Glacier

55” TV with SmartCast technology

Widescreen HD Webcam

Conference speaker phone

8’ conference table

Creative Rooms

$150 full day | $90 half day

07 Photography Studio

Professional Lighting Equipment

Professional Photographer Available

Seamless Backgrounds

Green Screen

08 Podcast Studio

Professional Audio Recording Equipment

Professional Engineer Available

Sound Proofing

Large TV


Other Rooms & Workspaces

09 Other Rooms

50” TV with integrated SmartCast technology

Desk, chair, and VOIP phone with integrated Bluetooth

Small meeting table with chairs

10 Private Offices

Secure office with keyless entry system

VOIP phone with integrated Bluetooth

Available furnished or unfurnished

11 Workstations

Electric standing desk with dry erase top

Ergonomic chair

VOIP phone with integrated Bluetooth

Locking cabinets

Common Areas

12 Apex Room


Ample Seating

Rolling Whiteboards

Large, Open Workspaces


13 Cafe

Self Serve Coffee Bar

Ample Seating

65” UHDTV with SmartCast technology

Lounge Area


14 Library

Large Selection of Books

Lounge Chairs



15 Kitchen

16 Break Room

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